Vertical Concrete

Vertical Concrete, sometimes referred to as hand carved or sculpted concrete, includes an unlimited amount of creativity to both interior and exterior spaces.  We use our customers’ needs and/desires and then build to suit using concrete forms and molds that emulate natural stone like granite, marble and limestone.  They also can be poured and hand carved and customized by expert craftsmen.  Sculpted concrete or vertical concrete is often used as an overlay to resurface an existing structure so that it is more structurally sound, to blend in with adjacent buildings or the environment or to be more aesthetically pleasing.

Suitable for retaining walls for the garden, pools, property boundaries or a break from the traffic or wind, sculpted concrete is showing up in outdoor venues like parks, zoos and courtyards, as well as, other outdoor features like fountains and planters lining city streets or your patio deck.  Big rock boulders and other rock features made from sculpted concrete look so amazing that they can be hard to distinguish from the real thing.

The design choices are almost limitless, and when you choose hand carved sculpted concrete, our craftsmen will indulge your imagination.  Sculpted architectural elements like columns and arches embody all the beauty of limestone, granite or marble, but with more flexibility in color, finish type and design detailing.  Vertical concrete offers the ability to add the dramatic flair reminiscent of Greek and Roman architecture without the labor intensive task of hauling rock to the construction site.

vertical concrete wall with fireplace and mantal

Sculpted Concrete Services we offer:



Hand Built Rocks and Boulders


Custom Boulder Staircases


Large Rocks and Boulders For Use as an Active Play Area For Kids!


Custom Hand-built Random Stone Walkways

Concrete walkways can be created ANYWHERE. There are no limitations due to accessibility, elevation of the land, too close to buildings, etc.

Get creative! Not only do we use structural strength concrete with additives allowing us to form large formations, we also use lightweight concrete overlay that bonds to vertical surfaces such as structural posts, walls, ceilings, showers, etc.  Want a room in your home or business that replicates the interior of a stone castle? How about a climbing Rock Wall or your ‘Man Cave’ looking just as that, A CAVE! Can you imagine it? Put on your thinking cap and give us a call! These are the things we love to do and surprise our customers with their realistic dream spaces coming to fruition!

hand-sculpted vertical concrete wall
vertical concrete wall that looks like natural stone
vertical concrete archway and wall
Sculpted concrete wall for landscaping