Residential Concrete Applications

The old buzz words for residential property were kitchen and bath renovations.  In today’s market it’s basements, garages, man caves and curb appeal.  Nobody wants to be the eyesore on the block or the house that doesn’t sell. Upgrades don’t have to be a complete renovation.  Whether it’s a basement, an outdoor kitchen, a dining room, entryway, garage, office, driveway, interior or exterior surface, decorative residential concrete offers the possibility to have a floor or accents designed and created for you that will enhance the beauty of your home, as well as, its market value. Stamped, stenciled, scored or stained driveways and vertical concrete offer passersby and guests the first glimpse of your property.  Why not wow them with the unexpected?

Garages have quickly become more than just a place to park your car, it’s the new play place; sometimes referred to as the Man Cave.  Some epoxy garage floor coatings are specifically designed to give the floor a wear and chemical resistant surface suited to a weight bearing load and the daily traffic.  They come in a wide variety of color options, and can be accented with decorative quartz or multicolored chips to provide a look similar to granite or terrazzo, or it may be customized to reflect your favorite team colors and apply decals and mascots.

Outdoor spaces for entertaining may be divided to create the feeling of rooms with the addition of sculpted rock walls and custom concrete bench seating strategically placed to accent the landscape, create a focal point like a stamped concrete patio or pool deck or to even just showcase your garden.  Varying heights created by steps and walkways are unobtrusive and may highlight a fountain or raised planter.

Interior floors may be enhanced in all the same ways…polished, stained, stenciled or epoxy.  The residential concrete possibilities are endless.  A custom decorative concrete floor changes the look of the entire room. Free your basement from the dark ages with concrete flooring options which are practical solutions that will outlast carpet and not to mention a great look and minimal maintenance. Tired of that old carpet? Underneath it is a concrete floor just waiting for a chance to become a beauty with an overlay or an epoxy coating. Inquire about the multiple textures with overlays and the endless color combinations with our durable epoxy systems.

residential concrete flooring in a dining room with polished stained concrete

In the residential market, stamped and stenciled concrete are drawing attention and providing curb appeal when used as a paving material for driveways, pool decks, walkways, patios and entryways, often as an alternative to brick pavers or natural stone.

Scored concrete is an excellent option for new and old slabs alike. Scoring concrete is an easy way to add depth and design to an otherwise blank slab. Scoring, also known as saw cutting, can be done both indoors and out. Concrete scoring can be used to create straight line borders, bands, diamond, square and rectangle patterns, or other shapes such as stars, compasses and custom designs.

Decorative stamped, stenciled and scored concrete offers the same durability, strength and performance as conventional concrete.  When properly sealed and maintained, these forms of decorative concrete options will withstand even the harshest weather extremes and stand up well under heavy vehicle and foot traffic.


stained concrete flooring in a kitchen
stamped and stained concrete pool deck
epoxy coated flooring for a home bar or entertainment area
Beautiful bronze acid stained floor in a residential home kitchen