Hospitality Concrete Applications

Hospitality concrete applications help you stay ahead of the competition by impressing your clientele with a decorative concrete floor that won’t break the bank and will outlast other flooring options.  Popular in trendy restaurants, upscale hotels and casinos, concrete can be customized so many ways that no two floors look the same.

The need for a high-performance floor option that can withstand heavy foot traffic, abrasion and stains, is slip resistant in order to avoid injuries to staff and customers, while being easy to clean and maintain, is fulfilled by a decorative concrete floor.  High-gloss polished concrete floors save money by reflecting overhead lighting and brightening indoor and outdoor spaces.

Concrete staining opens the door for color to compliment any style while concrete polishing delivers a floor with show stopping shine.  Get creative with metallic epoxy and other decorative concrete finishes.

Exteriors can be updated with a variety of concrete solutions for everything from vertical architectural accents, walkways and entrances to adding custom concrete seating that will withstand weather over time.

Stamped concrete will also hold up to weather extremes and heavy traffic, which makes it ideal for enhancing public places such as restaurants, recreation areas, pools, hotels, schools, theme parks, shopping malls, lobbies, parking lots, and zoos.  Hand carved decorative retaining walls or seat walls define outdoor space and provide focal points.

The water park at Ben Geren Park in Ft. Smith is an example of what can be accomplished with concrete scoring and custom designs, and it is an EFS Concrete Innovations marvel.

vertical concrete wall used in a restaurant bar area
stamped and stained concrete pool deck
Polished Concrete used as a hospitality concrete application in a hotel lobby
Concrete tabletops used at a local restaurant